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Passage of time

1970 until today

Everything started with an idea

Werner Hoffmeier talks about the beginnings:

"During my training as a high-voltage electrician in a Westphalian cement plant, I always experienced production losses because the extensive and difficult maintenance and repair works could not be managed during the three-shift operation using in-house employees.
During this time I had the idea that such industrial companies would have to have a reliable partner who can master exceptional situations with qualified specialist personnel and their own spare parts production, and who is always available when called. That's how the idea was born."



Founding of Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen and construction of the first covered production site, plant 1, in Ebbecke / Lippborg


At the beginning of my engineering studies, when I was 22 years old, I convinced my father to be allowed to build a roof on the parent's yard between the chicken coop and the barn, our legendary plant 1. Here was our first production site and from here we initially accepted maintenance and repair oders with a small team of only 5 employees.

Werner Hoffmeier
Company founder

1976 - 1980

Construction of the first workshop and relocation to Uentrop


In 1975, the city of Gütersloh announced the demolition of a workshop. Without financing or an own building site we applied for the dismantling permit and, to begin with, transported all the items to the field of a friendly farmer in Hamm-Uentrop. It was not until he agreed to defer the payment of the purchase price of the property that we could apply for a building permit and start building the workshop on the field in what is now the industrial zone.
It's crazy when I think about it today. Pioneering spirit and zest for action overcame the fear of one's own courage.


During this time my future management team came to the company, Ute Hoffmeier, Alfons Hoffmeier, Karl-Heinz Rüter, and Heinz Nethe.
A strong team that has shaped the fortunes of Hoffmeier for more than three decades and has led to its success, and is now also providing advice to the younger generation.

The management team at the 25th anniversary: Heinz Nethe, Karl-Heinz Rüter, Werner Hoffmeier, Ute Hoffmeier and Alfons Hoffmeier (from left to right)

Construction of the first office


With the completion of our first office building there was finally room for desks. We were able to work more professionally and to receive customers. We did not even take the time for a company sign on the building. We concentrated on the essentials.

1980 - 1992

On expansion course: construction of further production workshops, the Hoffmeier team grows and grows.


We focus on the continuous expansion of the range of services for our customers. Hoffmeier established the 330 as first emergency call number for system downtimes on the market in what was then" service-wasteland Germany". From now on we are ready for service around the clock.

1992 - 2009

Expansion of the range of services and expansion of Hoffmeier's on-site philosophy. Foundation of further branches. Firmly established in the market, Hoffmeier celebrates its 25th anniversary in 1995.

It has always been my philosophy to invest in the Hamm site to create new opportunities for our customers. But as a qualified service provider, we of course want to be where our customers are. The establishment of branches was therefore the logical next step. With the fall of the wall that quickly became a current topic.


Construction of several branches in the new federal states


A new market opens up, we react to the requirements. An expanded team grows together ...

2009 - 2018

Hoffmeier acquires a large production hall with a port connection on the Datteln-Hamm canal and equips it with machine tools for the production of large components.


From here, oversized components can now be manufactured and shipped by water to the entire world. The delivery area of Hoffmeier now extends beyond the European borders.



After years of preparation, the family business was handed over to the next generation in 2015.